Chrome and HTML5 at the New Poland GTUG

Thursday, April 21, 2011 | 6:16 AM

The developer community in Poland has been growing rapidly, and there's been interest in creating a Polish GTUG, and this has now happened. The first GTUG event took place last week, an evening about HTML5 and the Chrome Web Store. This was followed up by a hackathon several days later. We're pleased to say there are now volunteers helping to get the GTUGs started in four cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, and Wroclaw. If you'd like to take part, please head over to the GTUGPL Google Groupl and sign up.

The GTUG events were organised by local marketing manager Ola Kalinowska and the fledgling GTUG. Chrome Developer Advocate Michael Mahemoff visited Warsaw to participate in the events. He also gave a talk on HTML5 History at the Warsaw University of Technology, and visited the newWarsaw OpenCoffee meetup, and visited some local developers.

HTML5 and Chrome Web Store: Presentation Evening

Similar to events in other cities recently, we combined presentations on HTML5 and the Chrome Web Store with messages from the local developer community.

You'll find slides from Mike's HTML5 and Web Store talks here:
HTML5 slides
Chrome Web Store slides

Dan Franc, who has been instrumental in the Czech GTUG, visited Warsaw and explained the concept of GTUGs and how to take part.

Borys Musielak, founder of film website Filmaster, talked about their experiences developing mobile apps and issues remaining with mobile HTML5.

Michal Budzynski talked about the uplcoming HTML5 Game conference in Warsaw, OnGameStart.

HTML5 and Chrome Web Store: "Hakaton"

The theme for "Hakaton" was "Creative Science", although it was explained that the theme would be interepreted liberally! The objective was to have a live HTML5 app in the Web Store by the end of the day, and the accomplishments were excellent. Judging was not an easy task, given how many ready-for-use apps were developed in the space of just 7 hours hacking.

The winner was a Screen Reader extension, which uses the audio tag to read aloud the current text (backed by a text-to-speech server), and canvas to render an animated speaker as the text is read out. Congratulations Paweł Psztyć and Wojtek Kaliciński!

Second place was a fun nature simulation inspired by the Game Of Life. RGBCreatures lets you drop creatures and food into an ecosystem and see what happens. A great use of HTML5 canvas and audio by Jan Kolibabski, Tomasz Netczuk, and Adam Sawicki.

Third place was a demonstration of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle disguised as a contest and game. It was not only working and submitted to the store by the time demos took place, but also presented with a polished homepage and surrounding content. A polished effort from Jakub Kucharski, Paweł Szymański, Łukasz Pełszyński, and Bartek Sejwa.

There were many more great presentations on the day. You can see the full list of apps here. A special thanks to the BRAMA group at the Warsaw University of Technology for hosting the event and providing excellent technical support throughout the day.

Congratulations also Michal Budzynski, who won a free ticket to the GeeCon conference in Krakow for being the most helpful participant. Michel shared his HTML5 and graphics knowledge with members from other teams. Thanks to the GeeCon organisers for offering the ticket.