Dutch GTUG Report

Thursday, March 3, 2011 | 9:10 AM

The Dutch GTUG is a strong community of developers in the Netherlands. We were lucky to host the event at the Google office in Amsterdam. A special thanks must go to the Organisers of the GTUG, who turned around a great crowd with only a weeks worth of notice.

We had fun at the event. There was pizza, beer and some great talks. Paul Kinlan guided the audience through the a presentation on the Chrome Web Store and how to submit apps for the store. His presentation ran over a little, but we managed to hear from a couple of awesome lightning talks from some local developers.

The lightning talks were fun, they had a “strict” 5 minute limit, with no slides allowed and a small amount of time for questions and answers. The 5 minute limit was enforced using the Countdown Timer app.

Paul Kinlan was first up, talking about WebIntents and the problems that he is trying to solve.

Sergi Mansilla from Ajax.org demoed their amazing Cloud9 IDE and how you can develop and debug your applications from directly inside your browser.

Peter Thiessen gave a great overview of eBuddy in the Chrome Web Store, and reported a great little soundbite, that users from the Chrome Web Store use the app for 200% longer than users from the site directly.

Marcel from Shuffler.fm gave an awesome demo of their app, and gave some great insight to how the Web store has helped them grow their user base after their initial launch

And finally, Henk Jurriens gave a quick talk about “Game Jam for Teenagers” which is a great project that gets teenagers in Holland developing games on the web.

Thanks to everyone involved for making at an excellent evening.