Chrome and HTML5 at Prague Google Developer Day 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 | 8:32 AM

Continuing from the previous post, we move on to look at presentations from local Chrome and HTML5 developers at the Moscow Developer Day.


Prague-based Maxim Izmailov presented Uppod, an HTML5 video library by Denis Stepkin and himself. This was an opportunity to talk about the rise of HTML5 video, and Max showed us a split-personality video demo: A video that's powered by Flash on the left and HTML5 on the right.

David Grudl, also based in Prague, then covered his PHP Nette framework, which included coverage of Web Forms, an powerful, but somewhat overlooked, feature of HTML5.

Chrome Web Store

We saw an installable web app presentation from Enrique Borras and Joan Serras of Spain-based Fiabee. Please refer to the Munich report, where Fiabee was also demonstrated, for more details.

Chrome Extensions

Local developer Ondra Kepi showed us his Eye Dropper plugin. It's a colour picker tool which allows users to see the colour of any pixel on any web page they are visiting. Ondra went into detail about how he used HTML5 and the extensions mechanism to make Eye Dropper.

Thanks for Watching

This concludes our roundup of the Chrome/HTML5 presentations at the European Google Developer Day events. See you next year!